Meet Ashley


Here’s what I’m supposed to say…

I’m supposed to say, “I wish we could be meeting over coffee, but this will have to be the next best thing!”

But, you know what? I actually think this is the best thing. Written words are beautiful and powerful. Our words exchanged here in print couldn’t happen over coffee. At least not for me. My soul comes alive when I wrestle with words in my journal and then find some sort of answer on the keyboard.

Don’t hear me wrong–I am so totally pro-coffee. I’m drinking my third cup right now. So maybe I’ll go with the next popular line, “Grab your coffee and pull up a seat!”

Check out a couple things I’ve written:

Huffington Post


Scary Mommy


Australia’s Mamamia

Lifetime’s The Conversation

These days, my life is all about working on my master’s degree, which continues to be a journey shaping me through every class, every paper, every exam, and every new day in this story that’s being written.

I also launched a community called the Addicted to Love Club for all the people like me who want to learn how to love in life with an addict. I want to be addicted to love, like the good kind of habit and the real kind of love.

In true on-trend fashion, I’m so thankful that you are here. I mean that sincerely, my friend. Now, keep drinking that coffee and stay for a while.

xo. Ashley

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