I found myself standing outside, lost, twirling around in circles. I think we still call this season spring, even though many people skip around like summer already knocked, but I read somewhere recently that summer starts in another month; all of these people in Texas and in every other state have thirty more days to [...]


In case you were wondering, people really do say "Y'all" in Texas—all the time. Even those originally from Ohio adopted the twang.I think I will have to fully process this experience over many months and years to come, but I can tell you that they missed the memo that they were supposed to walk around in [...]

A Letter to Texas.

Dear Texas, My first day here and the thunder seems mad, or sad, that I arrived. Rumbling clouds and trees dripping tears of rain. But maybe not. My mom always described thunder as my grandmother bowling in heaven. Bowling makes people happy. Maybe this thunderstorm joyfully welcomes me. I came to you in Dallas to [...]